Classroom Instruction

Students Drawing I have developed a curriculum entitled Making Your Own Comic Books. It has proven popular among elementary and middle school students, as well as their teachers.
Making Your Own Comic Books can take the form of a workshop series or a semester-long course. I teach the fundamental steps in creating your own comic books, from writing the story to layout, drawing, and Do-It-Yourself binding and publishing. This emphasis on DIY publishing means the course can easily be adapted to any books or pamphlets, not just comics.
Student acting out verbs
Anyone can publish, bind, and distribute their own books without any fancy equipment. You can use the same techniques as the pros with the simplest of tools. This is very empowering, and really fun to learn.
Student comic example
My lessons involve not only drawing but physical activites and group work. They cater to all learning styles and satisfy educational standards for art, language arts, and any other subject the teacher chooses to incorporate, such as history, science, and culture.
I received my Teaching Artist Certification from the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council in 2010, and I am on the Alaska State Roster for Teaching Artists. I have been hired as Artist-in-Residence, workshop leader, extension class teacher, and teacher of an after-school art program. Email me at stoltzgraphicart(at)gmail(dot)com for my rates and references, see my résumé for more details, and download a PDF of my informational flyer.